Contributors - Issue 110 (2005)


John Bennett

John Bennett has recently completed a 600--page novel called Tire Grabbers. The book is a cross between Brave New World and 1984; an exquisite allegory for the times laced through with prophecy. Look for it in bookstores this spring.

Donald Breckenridge

Donald Breckenridge is the author of "Rockaway Wherein" (Red Dust 98) and "6/2/95" (Spuyten Duyvil '02). His second novel "Arabesques for Sauquoit" is currently under consideration at FC2. He edits the fiction section of The Brooklyn Rail.

William Bryant

William Bryant has lived and worked in the Middle East since before the first Gulf War. He has written biographies of Alfred Russel Wallace and Roger Casement as well the work Iquitos 1910, a novel based on the experiences of both men in the Amazon. His most recent book is The Al-Batin Diaries, an intimate report of a year spent in aremote army base in Saudi Arabia where he was on assignment to produce basic medical texts for Saudi students.

Steve Dalachinsky

Steve Dalachinsky’s poems have appeared in such journals as Big Bridge, Long Shot, Milk and Unlikely Stories. His 1999 CD, Incomplete Directions, featured such musicians as William Parker, Daniel Carter and Thurston Moore backing up his recitations. Books of poetry include St. Lucie (9005), Trial and Error in Paris (2003) and theforthcoming The Final Nite (notes from a Charles Gayle notebook).

Foster Dickson

Foster Dickson is a poet, writer, editor, teacher, book reviewer and life-long resident of Montgomery, AL. His works include, I Just Make People Up: Ramblings with Clark Walker (an oral biography) and Kindling Not Yet Split (poetry). He teaches creative writing at a magnet high school.

Ioannis Gatsiounis

Ioannis Gatsiounis is a native New Yorker who’s been working as a foreign correspondent in Southeast Asia for much of the last five years. His journalism has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the San FranciscoChronicle, the Christian Science Monitor and Asia Times. He is completing a novel set in an unnamed S.E. Asian country about the months leading up to the U.S. led invasion of Iraq.

Garth Risk Hallberg

Garth Risk Hallberg has recently published stories in h2do4 and Em. He is working toward an M.F.A. at New York University. He lives in Brooklyn.

Andrew Jankowski

Andrew Jankowski currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. He is looking for a publisher for his first book of poems.

Vincent Katz

Vincent Katz is a poet, translator, and editor. He is the author of CABAL OF ZEALOTS (1988, Hanuman Books) and UNDERSTANDING OBJECTS (2000, Hard Press). His most recent publication is his translation from the Latin of THE COMPLETE ELEGIES OF SEXTUS PROPERTIUS (2004, Princeton University Press). He is the editor of the poetry and arts journal VANITAS and of Libellum books.

Court Merrigan

Court Merrigan’s work has appeared in Pindeldyboz, Insolent Rudder, The Summerset Review, Angle, and is forthcoming in Porcupine and Kyoto Journal. Originally from Nebraska, he has lived in various places East and West, and currently resides in Thailand.

Alain A. Misson

Alain A. Misson is a New Yorker who has lived much of his life in Spain, Italy, France and Belgium. His graphic work or “visual writing” has been shown in Europe, the U.S., South America and Japan in hundreds of galleries and museums. He has published two novels in the U.S. and two art books in Europe.

Nahrain Al-Mousawi

Nahrain Al-Mousawi is a doctorate student of comparative literature at UCLA, and she has published work in small publications like Adirondack Review, Fireweed, Nidus, and Rattle.

O.P. Sharma

O.P. Sharma is a retired Lecturer in English from Govt. College, Ajmer, India. He has published a number of articles in Indian, British and American journals. See, for intstance, Philosophy East and West, University of Hawaii, USA (April 1970); Interreligious Insight, U.K. (April ’03 issue); Vedanta, London (March-April ’03 issue), Nectar of Non-Dual Truth, Honokaa HI, USA (Fall ‘04’ issue); Faith and Freedom, Oxford (Autumn-Winter’04 issue).

Kenneth Tindall

Kenneth Tindall’s excerpt is from his new novel, Body Only. His novel Great Heads was published by Grove in1969, and has been reissued by Pomegranate Crown Press. A second novel, The Banks of the Sea, came out from Dalkey Archive in 1987. He lives in Denmark.

Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh was born in New York and, despite the obvious, continues to believe the word holy.