Contributors - Issue 111 (2006)


Charles Blackstone

Charles Blackstone is the author of The Week You Weren’t Here, a novel, and the editor of a forthcoming anthology, The Art of Friction: Where (Non) Fictions Come Together. His fiction has appeared in Bridge, The Salt River Review, Black Ridge Review, and others. He lives in Chicago.

Moshe Dann

Growing up in Detroit, Moshe (known as Marty) graduated from the University of Michigan and University of Chicago. He received a Ph.D. in history from the CUNY Graduate Center. He moved to Israel in 1982, became a licensed tourist guide, and, more recently, a widely published journalist. His articles/stores are/will be in Midstream, Ariel, and the Ontario Review. He lives in Jerusalem.

Jim Feast

Jim Feast is a member of the Unbearables literary group. His novel, Neo Phobe, written with Ron Kolm, was published by Autonomedia this year. In it, a band of detectives investigate a mysterious feather.

James Lewelling

James Lewelling’s first novel, This Guy, has recently been published by Spuyten Duyvil. In addition to the Evergreen Review, his fiction has appeared in Projected Letters, Fence, Web Delsol, Word Riot, Café Irreal, The Danforth Review, Proliferations, Black Ice, The Cream City Review, and elsewhere. He grew up in Milwaukee but spent much of his adult life abroad in Thailand, England, Morocco, and Turkey. He currently lives in Abu Dhabi with his wife, the poet Lisa Isaacson, and their two lovely daughters, Francis and Cissy.

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy lives in Charleston, S.C. He is currently working on a collection of stories.

D. Foy

D. Foy lives in Brooklyn.

Margarita Shalina

Margarita Shalina was born in Leningrad and raised in New York . Her poetry has appeared in New York Nights, as a broadside by Poetry Motel and as a self-published chapbook, Some Blue Smoke. She is the small press buyer for St. Marks. Bookshop and her favorite color is mauve.

Andrew Stacey

Born north of the Arctic Circle – currently living on the Tropic of Capricorn. After several years a graphic designer in the computer game industry in Canada, he now tends to goats and pigs and mends fences at a small farm in Argentina.

Nancy Lynn Weber

Nancy Lynn Weber is a Founding Board Member of New York Writers Coalition Inc, a non-profit organization providing free creative writing workshops for under-served populations in New York City. She has led a NYWC workshop at the Prince George, a supportive housing facility. Nancy has read her fiction and poetry at various venues throughout NYC. She lives and writes in Brooklyn.

Rosemary Winfield

Rosemary Winfield is an occasional contributor to avant- and retro-op publications. She once won a harpsichord in a beauty contest. Currently, she rides the rails in Cambridge, Mass., where she uses various media to give form to her surplus imaginings.

Lukus Zuker

Lukus Zuker is a student at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg, Germany where he is pursuing a master's degree in social science. Originally from Michigan, his work as been published in 'The Offbeat' literary series of Michigan State University.