Contributors - Issue 113 (2007)


P.B. Adams

P.B. Adams is a writer who escaped the Deep South, was educated in the frozen but lovely Berkshires of New England, did adequate penance there, and was granted a mostly warm comfy spot in California. A Fish coexisting in uneasy peace with a Bear.

Dan Agin

Dan Agin has published some novels, short stories, a few poems, and nonfiction under another name. He thinks a Dark Age is coming – and sometimes it makes him sad.

Erin E. Carr

Erin E. Carr is a 2007 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh's poetry and literature schools. She enjoys specialty cheeses, motion, and Old English verse. Future months will find her crafting a lyric novel and giving birth to her first child.

Ryan Coffey

Ryan Coffey recently graduated from Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky. These are his first published poems

Lee R. Haven

Lee R. Haven is an educator, award-winning journalist and creative writer from Stone Mountain, GA. This is his second piece published in Evergreen Review. The excerpt published here is from a manuscript in, as they say, search of a publisher.

Tree Riesener

Tree Riesener has published poetry and short fiction in the U.S., Scotland, and England. A winner in the Authors in the Park Short Story competition, she is active in the Philadelphia spoken word scene. She is the managing editor of the Schuylkill Valley Journal.

Lola Rodriguez

Lola Rodriguez says that she “used to read Evergreen Review as a wannabe radical preteen. There was a pile of them under my cousin’s bed, and I’d sneak them out with the Playboys and books by Henry Miller and D.H. Lawrence.” She has published in over 50 reviews and magazines and is a veteran of the Nuyorican Poets Café culture. Her essays, poetry, and prose are featured in the books, The Coffeehouse Poetry Anthology, Tokens: Contemporary Poetry of the Subway, and New to North America, among others."

Ron Savage

Ron Savage has been publishing stories since age eighteen. Recent publications include Jabberwock Review, Film Comment, G.W. Review, and Southern Humanities Review. He worked for twenty-something years as Psychologist Senior at Eastern State University in Williamsburg. He has recently retired from everything but writing and his wife, Jan.

Clif Mason

Clif Mason lives with his wife, a painter and jewelry maker, in Omaha, Nebraska. He is Professor of English and English Department Chair at Bellevue University, a private school near Omaha. He was a Fulbright Fellow to Rwanda, Africa, before the civil war and genocide. His poetry has appeared in many American and English magazines and in From the Dead Before, by Lone Willow Press. He has been fortunate to win several prizes and awards—from the Academy of American Poets and from Writers’ Journal, SPSM&H, Plainsongs, and the Midwest Writers’ Conference. He has recently completed a magical realist novel and a collection of poems.

Marvin Stern

Marvin Stern is a professor of history at Lawrence Tech in Southfield, MI. Books he has planned include Maria, the life of Maria Holroyd, First Lady Stanley of Alderleym, and Letter to Worthy Students, a guide for students through, and also a critique of, the tomfoolery of the factory-university system in America.

Carol Wierzbicki

Carol Wierzbicki is a writer, editor and reviewer living in Brooklyn. She is co-editing the forthcoming anthology The Worst Book I Ever Read.