Contributors - Issue 116 (2009)


Stan Adler

Stan Adler’s novel Words for Some Lost Reason is a work in progress. He has had fiction, poetry, and columns published in numerous publications, slick and lit, since the seventies. Earlier in his career, he worked with Francis Ford Coppola at American Zoetrope and with Steve Wax, George Lucas and other filmmakers. His book The Zen of Selling (1998) is a business cult favorite.

Tantra Bensko

Tantra Bensko’s poetry has appeared in a large number of magazines, such as The Iowa Journal of Literary Studies, Southern Poetry Review, Thundersandwich, Mad Hatters Review, and Unlikely Storie. She writes, “I live in San Francisco. My short stories, articles, and art have also been well represented in journals. Magazines seem to be my exoskeleton.”

Michael A. Maggiotto

Michael A. Maggiotto is a dean at Ball State University in Muncie, Ind. His poetry has appeared previously in numbers of the Red River Review.

David McGrath

David McGrath writes freelance commentary for the Birmingham News and Chicago Tribune. His stories and essays have appeared in Fourth Genre, Chicago Reader, Artful Dodge, and the L.A. Times. He recently completed an autobiographical novel (excerpted in this issue). He lives with wife Marianne in Port Charlotte, Fl.

Richard Milazzo

Richard Milazzo's poem is from his An Earring Depending from the Moon: Poems 2006 (Sotoportego Editore, Venice, 2006). Also new from him is the monograph, The Paintings of Ross Bleckner (Editions Alain Noirhomme, Belgium, 2007).

Valery Oisteanu

Valery Oisteanu is a writer, poet, performer and artist with an international flavor. Born in Russia (1943) and educated in Romania and France, he adopted Dada and Surrealism as a philosophy of art and life. Immigrating to New York City in 1973, he has written 10 books of poetry, including Do Not Defuse, Temporary Immortality, and Zen Dada.

Ryan Rowe

Ryan Rowe was reared in Ft. Lauderdale, a twenty-seven year native. Thelocale finds itself the backdrop for much of his work. Now residing outside Raleigh, N.C., with his wife and daughter, he's been published in such forums as Chiron Review, Umbriate, and Nerve Cowboy.

Mike Topp

Mike Topp’s most recent book is Shorts Are Wrong (Autonomedia). You can subscribe to his newsletter, Stuyvesant Bee, by emailing him at SURVEY: DOGBLOGS or BLOGDOGS?

Mia Yun

Mia Yun is the author of two novels, House of the Winds and Translations of Beauty. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her website is