Contributors - Issue 126 (2011)


Stan Adler

Stan Adler has had fiction, poetry, reviews, and critical essays published in numerous publications, both slick and lit. Five chapters from his novel Words for Some Lost Reason have been published in Evergreen Review Issues No. 116 and No. 121. (A poem dedicated to Evergreen Review Issue No. 11 was published in Issue No. 117.) He also worked with Francis Ford Coppola, John Korty, George Lucas, Walter Murch, and other prominent filmmakers. Part 1 and Part 2 of 40 has been published in Evergreen Review Issues No. 122 and No. 124.

John Bennett

John Bennett says: We're not living in the past, we're not even living in the present--the present gets sucked into the future before we even get a whiff of its fragrance. The whole thing is like some warped, twisted rendition of Steven King's Langoliers. I've got it all down in my time-machine novel Tire Grabbers, coming out soon in a second edition simultaneously with an audiobook version read by the author who, last I checked, was me. I. The one and only. Available from Hcolom Press.

Bob Bergin

Bob Bergin, a former U.S. Foreign Service officer, usually writes on the history of aviation in Southeast Asia and China, the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), and military operations in the World War II China-Burma-India theater. Occasionally he writes an essay or a short story. He has three published novels set in Asia.

Maureen Blennerhassett

Maureen Blennerhassett is an East Coast suburban refugee now living in San Francisco. She works menial jobs to support her addiction to ballpoint pens and composition notebooks. Maureen's 16th and mission style performance poetry has been featured at Quiet Lightning reading series, Alan Kaufman's American Street Showcase, and published in the BlackEYE Review. She is a literary scene junkie who reports her findings to the Litseen headquarters.

John Bredin

John Bredin is a writer, educator, real estate agent, media pioneer, and world-changing activist. His essays on culture and politics have appeared in Bright Lights Journal, the Brooklyn Rail, and the New York Press. As an English Professor at CUNY's Borough of Manhattan Community College, John's critical pedagogy gives his students hope that a better world is possible. The founder of the Love Project and a former poetry host at ABC NO RIO, John serves on the Executive Board of the Village Independent Democrats. His TV show, the Public Voice Salon (Time Warner Cable’s channel 34 in Manhattan, Thursdays at 5, and around the world on the MNN website) seeks to spark a media revolution by resurrecting the old-fashioned cultural salon (a-la Gertrude Stein) with a progressive political twist.

Brad Brown

Brad Brown's drawing projects tend to be large, open-ended series that can remain unfinished for years. His largest project to date, The Look Stains, began in 1987 and consists of tens of thousands of works on paper that are continually worked on, torn up, re-drawn, and re-contextualized. His work is in the permanent collection of MoMA (NY), SFMOMA (SF, CA), and the National Gallery of Art (Washington, DC), among others. Part 1 and Part 2 of 40 has been published in Evergreen Review Issues No. 122 and No. 124.

Regina Cherry

Regina Cherry writes:
Born in the old country matured and bloomed in the new
critically honed there and here
suspended by and in the visual and verbal world
painted for years, still do (first preoccupation)
been immersed in photography, preferably B & W
progressed? from teenage rhyming and dyslexia
to something more serious, have over the last two decades,
accumulated a body of poetry
live and work in NYC, venture to the East End when not
floating around in other parts of the planet
am serious about it all - even the humor
somehow one keeps going - a human condition

Duo Von Dagrate

Duo Von Dagrate is a chicago native, current san franciscan, and will die in an unforeseen location.

Jim Feast

Jim Feast with Ron Kolm wrote the novel Neo Phobe (Autonomedia), and has written a number of health books with Gary Null, including Germs, Biological Warfare and Vaccinations: What You Need to Know/ (Seven Stories). He belongs to the Unbearables writing group and has co-edited four of their anthologies, the most recent being The Unbearables Big Book of Sex.

Nicole McFeely

Nicole McFeely likes words more than most other things. She enjoys various disreputable bars and can be found writing and reading her poetry in them, often with Maureen B. If not, she can probably be found covering literary culture in the Bay Area at, or making people lattes in the Lower Haight.

Rachel McKibbens

Rachel McKibbens is the author of the full-length collection of poetry, "Pink Elephant" (Cypher Books). Her poems, prose and short stories have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies including The Lost Angeles Review, World Literature Today & Wicked Alice. She lives in upstate New York with her five children and is currently working on her memoir.

Richard Milazzo

Richard Milazzo is an art critic, curator and poet. Among his most recent books are Keats Dying in Your Arms: Poems 2007-2008 (Brussels: Editions Passage St.-Hubert, 2010); The Flower Paintings of Ross Bleckner (A Study) (Modena: Galleria Mazzoli Editions, 2011); and With Grass Ropes We Dragged the World to Her in Wooden Boats: Poems of Jordan, Syria and Egypt 2008, with accompanying works on paper by Alessandro Twombly (Turin: Libri Canali Bassi & Paolo Torti degli Alberti, 2011). He lives and works in New York City.

Anna Mockler

Anna Mockler’s story collection, Burning Salt, (StringTown Press) was published in 2004.Her fiction has appeared in Brooklyn Rail, Exquisite Corpse, Crab Creek Review, Raven Chronicles, Dial, Smoking Poet, Oxygen, Point No Point, etc. Other fiction was included in The Big Book of Sex (2010, Unbearables/Autonomedia) The Worst Book I Ever Read (2009, ibid.), Wreckage of Reason: Anthology of XXperimental Prose by Women Writers (2008, Spuyten Duyvil) and Dogs Cats Crows (2001, Black Heron).She was born in New York and has lived all over the country, where she performed the traditional jobs of a writer: factory worker, office temp, waitress, printer, cabdriver, and restoration ecologist. She lives in Brooklyn.

Baraka Noel

Mumbles, a.k.a. Baraka Noel, is a poet residing in San Francisco. He recently organized The Sky Is Falling, a seven-day poetry/music/painting/entertainment festival.

Jonathon Siegel

Jonathon Siegel was born in Bogota Colombia, spent his childhood & adolescent years in New Jersey, lived both in New Orleans & New York City over a ten year span during the 90’s and early 2000s, and has now been a member of the San Francisco / Bay Area Community for close to six years.

Simon Perchik

Simon Perchik is an attorney whose poems have appeared in Partisan Review, The New Yorker, Evergreen Review and elsewhere. For more information, including his essay “Magic, Illusion and Other Realities” and a complete bibliography, visit

Kevin Riordan

Kevin Riordan is a native Chicagoan who was born in 1950. He attended UIC, SAIC, and Columbia College. He is on their staff as a graphic artist and is an adjunct professor in the Interactive Arts and Media department; moreover he is an inveterate bookworm and visual artist, whose artists books appear in a few choice collections.

Rami Shamir

Rami Shamir, after having his book stolen and then illegally sold, after having to fight for it in court, after having witnessed the inadequacies and the pretensions of an out-of-touch system of corporate publishing, most recently turned away his last publisher, stating in his rejection letter, “The contract you sent overreaches so much that it reminds me how far actions can stray from words in this “business” of words. For a moment, I forgot. That said, I decline your offer to publish TRAIN TO POKIPSE.” He fully embraces the anti-status quo, DIY sentiment of his generation; and after a long road filled with both intense battle and remarkable support, he will be co-publishing his novel TRAIN TO POKIPSE with his long-time artistic counterpart Adam Void in the fall of 2011 under the imprint of The Underground Press.

Steve Sohmer

After getting a better start as a writer than he deserved, Steve Sohmer squandered too many years as an entertainment executive. Eventually he saw the light, dropped out, published a couple of political novels, earned a D.Phil. at Oxford and published a trio of impenetrable scholarly books. At last he crept back, hat in hand, to his first love, the short story. He teaches at the UCLA Extension.

Linda Tieber

Linda Tieber’s bicoastal life has been a concatenation of ironies. She managed rock bands in San Francisco before working for The Wall Street Journal. After studying classical piano in California, she took a position with a Nobel Laureate in molecular biology in New York. While working for CEOs and investment bankers, she moonlights as an editor at The New York Quarterly, where she has conducted interviews with Sharon Olds, Joyce Carol Oates, Pound scholar Hugh Kenner and former Grove Press publisher Barney Rosset. Born in Australia -- once called Terra Incognita -- she continues to explore new territory in her poetry and fiction.

Arthur Vogelsang

Arthur Vogelsang's Expedition: New & Selected Poems was published in January by Ashland Poetry Press.