Issue 120 - 2009


Editor In Chief

  Barney Rosset

Associate Editor

  Astrid Rosset

Assistant Editor

  Matt Peterson

Assistant Editor

  Rami Shamir

Contributing Editor

  Jim Feast


  Ethan Persoff

Board of Directors

  Joseph Bianco
  Martin Garbus
  Fred Jordan
  Astrid Myers
  John Oakes
  Neil Ortenberg
  Barney Rosset
  Richard Seaver
  Joseph Strick

Advisory Board

  Louise Bourgeois
  Steve Brower
  Francis Ford Coppola
  Art D'Lugoff
  Edward DeGrazia
  Lawrence Ferlinghetti
  Inge Fentrinelli
  Everett Frost
  Joy Glass
  Andrew Irving
  Choko Ichihara
  Zachary Kass
  Kathy Kiernan
  Rosette Lamont
  Ted Liebowitz
  Richard Milazzo
  Tess O'Dwyer
  Kenzaburō Ōe
  Charles Palella
  Ignacio Ponce de Leon
  Dan Simon
  Robert Solomon
  Charles Winton
  Glenn Young

After a hiatus of many years, Evergreen was re-launched on-line in 1998, and then again in 2017. Now under the leadership of publisher John Oakes and editor-in-chief Dale Peck, the new Evergreen builds on Rosset’s legacy of searching out the stories that aren’t being told or aren’t being heard: stories that challenge our sensibilities and expand our understanding of the way people actually live in the world, and the way their truths can be expressed. Available free of charge in an online-only format, the magazine will feature fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from an international array of new and established writers. Additionally, new editions of Foxrock Books, the book publishing arm of The Evergreen Review, are being released on a periodic basis; the first two titles available in the series are Samuel Beckett’s Stirrings Still and Marguerite Duras’ The Man Sitting in the Corridor.

If you like what you see, and want to join us in creating Evergreen for the 21st century, please consider making a donation here.