Vol. 1  |  No. 1  | Winter 1957

Jean-Paul Sartre: After Budapest (Interview)
Samuel Beckett: Dante and the Lobster 
Henri Michaux: Miserable Miracle 
Michael Hamburger: Georg Büchner
Harold Feinstein: Eight Photographs
James Purdy: Cutting Edge
Baby Dodds' Story: As Told to Larry Gara
Mark Schorer: On Lady Chatterley's Lover
Samuel Beckett: Echo's Bones

Cover photograph by Harold Feinstein     


Vol. 1  |  No. 2  | Spring 1957

Kenneth Rexroth: San Francisco Letter / Noretorp-Noretsyh 
Brother Antoninus, O.P.: Four Poems 
Robert Duncan: Three Poems  
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Dog and Other Poems  
Henry Miller: Big Sur and the Good Life 
Michael McClure: The Robe and Other Poems 
Josephine Miles: Four Poems 
Jack Spicer: Psychoanalysis and Other Poems 
Ralph J. Gleason: San Francisco Jazz Scene 
Harry Redl: 8 Photographs of San Francisco Poets 
Michael Rumaker: The Desert 
James Broughton: Four Poems 
Gary Snyder: The Berry Feast 
Philip Whalen: Five Poems 
Jack Kerouac: October in the Railroad Earth 
Allen Ginsberg: Howl 
Dore Ashton: The San Francisco School 

Cover photograph by Fred Lyon


Vol. 1  |  No. 3  | Summer 1957

Albert Camus: Reflections on the Guillotine 
William Carlos Williams: Three Poems 
Frank O'Hara: Three Poems 
Patsy Southgate: A Very Important Lady 
Gregory Corso: Three Poems 
James Grady: Four Poems 
Samuel Beckett: From an Abandoned Work
E. G. Burrows: Two Poems
Clement Greenberg: Jackson Pollock 
Hans Namuth: Four Photographs of Jackson Pollock 
Alain Robbe-Grillet: A Fresh Start for Fiction / Three Reflected Visions 
Barbara Guest: Three Poems 
Eugène Ionesco: The Photograph of the Colonel 
Gary Snyder: Letter from Kyoto 
Georges Arnaud: Sweet Confessions 

Cover photograph of Jackson Pollock by Hans Namuth


Vol. 1  |  No. 4  | Autumn 1957

Charles Olson: The Lordly and Isolate Satyrs
Charles Foster: The Troubled Makers
Allen Ginsberg: Siesta in Xbalba and Return to the States
Alexander Trocchi: From Cain’s Book
John Logan: On the Death of the Artist’s Mother / Thirty Three Years Later
Baby Dodds: The Oliver Band
Eugène Ionesco: There Is No Avant-Garde Theater
Jack Kerouac: Seattle Burlesque
Arthur Adamov: As We Were
Will Peterson: Stone Garden
Robin Blaser: Poem
John Hickey: Break Your Mother’s Back
Paul Blackburn: Song for a Cool Departure
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Horn on HOWL

Cover Photograph by Robert Frank


Vol. 2  |  No. 5  | Summer 1958

Edgar Morin: The Case of James Dean
Samuel Beckett: Krapp’s Last Tape
Robert Creeley: The Three Ladies
H. D.: Sagesse
Karl Jaspers: The Atom Bomb and the Future of Man
Philip Whalen: For C.
John Rechy: Mardi Gras
Edward Field: Poem for the Left Hand
Jack Kerouac: Essentials of Spontaneous Prose
William Eastlake: Portrait of an Artist with Twenty-six Horses
Denise Levertov: Scenes from the Life of the Peppertrees
Charles Olson: Human Universe
Edward Dorn: Vaquero
Kenneth Koch: Desire for Spring
David Lyttle: Lady Overboard
Amos Tutuola: The Animal that Died but his Eyes still Alive
Michael Rumaker: Exit 3
Antonin Artaud: No More Masterpieces
Clement Greenberg: Letter on Pollock

Cover Photograph of James Dean by Sanford H. Roth (Rapho-Guillumette)


Vol. 2  |  No. 6  | Autumn 1958

André Pieyre de Mandiargues: Childishness
Frank O’Hara: In Memory of My Feelings
Paul Johnson: Porky
Robert Creeley: She Went to Stay
Daisetz T. Suzuki: Aspects of Japanese Culture
Bruce Boyd: Aubade
Frank O’Hara: Franz Kline Talking
James O. Mitchell: Photographs of Franz Kline
Gary Snyder: Cold Mountain Poems
Douglas Woolf: The Flyman
Federico García Lorca: The Audience
E. M. Cioran: On a Certain Experience of Death
Mike McClure: Ode to Jackson Pollock
John Rechy: El Paso del Norte
Gangadhar Gadgil: The Coin
Views and Reviews:
Alexander Trocchi: A Note on George Orwell
E. S. Seldon: Lolita and Justine
Amos Vogel: The Angry Young Film Makers 

Cover photograph by Susan Nevelson


Vol. 2  |  No. 7  | Winter 1959

Anand Lall: The Continuing Position of India
A special statement on India’s foreign policy 
by its permanent delegate to the United Nations
Octavio Paz: Todos Santos, Dia de Muertos / Two Poems
Juan Rulfo: From the Pedro Páramo
Alí Chumacero: Two Poems
Elena Garro: A Solid House
Carlos Fuentes: The Life Line
Manuel Durán: Three Poems
Jaime Garía Térres: Two Poems
Rícardo Pozas A.: Juan Pérez Jolote, Part I
Marco Antonio Montes de Oca: Poem
José Luis Cuevas: The Cactus Curtain
Guadalupe Amor: My Mother’s Bedroom
Esther McCoy: Felix Candela
Juan José Arreola: Nine Sketches
Jaime Sabines: Two Poems
Elena Poniatowska: Interview with Juan Soriano
Manuel Calvillo: Book of the Migrant
Miguel León-Portilla: A Náhuatl Concept of Art
Edwin Denby: Three Sides of Agon
Martin Williams: Thelonious Monk
Lysander Kemp: Fly Away, Little Dove
William Carlos Williams: E. E. Cummings
Kenneth Koch: St. John Perse’s New Poem
James Schuyler: Anthology of Mexican Poetry
Maurice Blanchot: Where Now? Who Now?
Frank O’Hara: About Zhivago and His Poems

Cover Photograph by Martin Sameth


Vol. 2  |  No. 8  | Spring 1959

Anthony C. West: Swineherd
Étiemble: One China or Two?
Derek Walcott: A Far Cry from Africa
Boris Pasternak: Icefloe
E. E. Cummings: Poem
Robert Lowell: Commander Lowell (1887-1950)
Ivan C. Karp: Looking for Money
Jack Kerouac: Belief & Technique for Modern Prose
Gregory Corso: Paranoia in Crete
Allen Ginsberg: At Apollinaire’s Grave
Paul Carroll: At the Moment of Love & Blue Eyelids
Arthur Adamov: The Endless Humiliation
James Merrill: Landscape with Torrent
John Ashbery: The Poems
Joan Clifford: Night in the Subway
Horace Gregory: Boris MacCreary’s Abyss
Alexander Trocchi: From Cain’s Book
Charles Olson: The Company of Men
Kenneth Sawyer: The Importance of a Wall: Galleries
Irving Sandler: American Construction Sculpture
William Saroyan: My Drawings
John Unterecker: Notes on Off-Broadway Theater
Martin Williams: Instant Jazz
Richard Howard: Letter from Paris
Paul Goodman: A Statue of Goldsmith
Maurice Green: The Possibility of Existential Analysis
Douglas Woolf: One of the Truly Good Men
Wallace Fowlie: On a Study of Camus
David Greene: Recordings of William Butler Yeats
Stanley Kunitz: Poem Recorded by Richard Wilbur
Correspondence: Letter from LeRoi Jones

Cover drawing by Chris Jenkyns


Vol. 3  |  No. 9  | Summer 1959

Henry Miller: Defense of the Freedom to Read
Samuel Beckett: Text for Nothing I
Samuel Selvon: Knock on Wood
Frank O’Hara: Three Airs
Denise Levertov: The 5-Day Rain
John Gross: Our Dance
Frederick van Pelt Bryan: Court of Opinion on the Postal Ban on Lady Chatterly’s Lover
Terry Southern: Put-Down
John Wain: My Nineteen-Thirties ( Part One )
R. Inskip Mayes: One Sentence
Pierre Gascar: The Spider-Child of Madras
Alain Robbe-Grillet: Old “Values” and the New Novel
Patsy Southgate: Artie
Gary Snyder: Two Poems
Philip Whalen: Two Poems
Patrick Shannon Gleeson: Two Poems
Michael Rumaker: The Pipe
Gregory Corso: Marriage
John Wieners: A poem for early risers
James Brunot: The Cure
Mulk Raj Anand: The Great Delight
Jerry Tallmer: Review of The Seven Deadly Sins
Seymour Krim: Review of The Holy Barbarians
B.H. Friedman: Thurber’s Ross: A Minority Report
Charles Olson: Review of Paterson (Book Five)

Cover photo by Sunil Janah, courtesy of Marg magazine and Kama Kala


Vol. 3  |  No. 10  | November - December 1959

John Rechy: The City of Lost Angels
Samuel Beckett: Embers
Siné: These Weapons Will Still Remain
Feng Menglong: Song
Barbara Moraff: Tune
Cynthia Ozick: We Ignoble Savages
Paul Carroll: George Swimming at Barnes Hole, But It Got Too Cold
P. R. Brown: Africa and Small Poem
Corneille: Journal of a Painter in Ethiopia
Henry Miller: From Nexus
Paul Blackburn: Sirventes
William Eastlake: Three Heroes and a Clown
Henryk Musialowicz: Three Drawings
Bruce Morrissette: New Structure in the Novel: Jealousy, by Alain Robbe-Grillet
B. H. Friedman: The Most Expensive Restaurant Ever Built
Jerry Tallmer: Bye Bye Blackbird
Allen Ginsberg: Notes Written on Finally Recording Howl
Martin Williams: Funk for Sale
Censors Are Wrong (An Editorial from The Minneapolis Star)

Cover drawing by Henryk Musialowicz


Vol. 4  |  No. 11  | January - February 1960

William S. Burroughs: Deposition: Testimony Concerning a Sickness
Pierre Reverdy: Six Poems
Dore Ashton: Mark Tobey
Jack Kerouac: Conclusion of the Railroad Earth
Antonin Artaud: Letters from Rodez
Philip O’Connor: From Steiner’s Tour
Allen Ginsberg: Sather Gate Illumination
Philip Lamantia: Still Poem 9
Irene Grey: Dangerous Passage
Terry Southern: Red-Dirt Marihuana
Siné: Self Determination in Life
Robert Duncan: A Poem Beginning with a Line by Pindar
Jean-Paul Sartre: The Theater (An Interview)
Warren Tallman: Kerouac’s Sound
Nat Hentoff: Who Else Can Make So Much out of Passing Out?: The Surprising Survival of an Anti-play
Seymour Krim: A Hungry Mental Lion
Lady Chatterly Embattled Again (An Editorial from the New York Herald Tribune)


Vol. 4  |  No. 12  | March - April 1960

Alexander Trocchi: From Cain’s Book
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: He
Edward Albee: The Zoo Story
Bertolt Brecht: The Prince of Homburg
Siné: For Darwin’s Centenary
Anthony Kaye: Molly’s Suggestion
LeRoi Jones: The Bridge
Diana Athill: An Unavoidable Delay
Louis Ginsberg: To a Mother Buried
John Bernard Myers: The Impact of Surrealism on the New York School
John Logan: A Trip to Four or Five Towns
Frank Conroy: Spring for Alison
André Hodeir: An Analysis of Alain Resnais’ Film  Hiroshima Mon Amour
Martin Williams: Jelly Roll Morton: Three-Minute Form

Cover Art: Larry Rivers - The Next to Last Confederate Soldier, 1959, Oil on canvas, 60 x 46”, Collection Mr. and Mrs. Guy A. Weill (Photograph by Eric Pollitzer)


Vol. 4  |  No. 13  | May - June 1960

Roger Shattuck: Superliminal Note
Raymond Queneau: A Fish’s Life
Eugène Ionesco: Foursome
Boris Vian: A Letter to His Magnificence The Vice-Curator Baron
Jacques Prévert: Chant Song / ...It Droppeth As The Gentle Rain (A Ballet)
René Clair: The Chinese Princess
Jean Ferry: Two Stories
Jean Dubuffet: Monsieur Juva’s Flint Statues
Maurice Saillet: Close to Antonin Artaud
Michel Leiris: Voodoo in Haiti
Alphonse Allais: Literary Assassin
Félix Fénéon: Soft Spoken Anarchist
Remy de Gourmont: Man of Masks
Marcel Schwob: Double Soul
Léon-Paul Fargue: Explorer
Julien Torma: Author by Neglect
René Daumal: Experimental Mystic
ALFRED JARRY (1873-1907)
Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician
The Fragrant Isle
The Isle of Ptyx
Elements of ‘Pataphysics:
Faustroll Small than Fautroll
The Surface God
Ubu Cocu (Act I)
Three Poems
Simon Watson Taylor: An Apodeictic Outline
Jean Borzic: Science: An Administrative Question
His Late Magnificence, Dr. I. L. Sandomir: Opus Pataphysicum
Inaugural Harangue
Protheses (on Ubu and the Serious)
Nicolaj N. Kamenev: Report on Some Concrete Historical Problems
His Late Magnificence, Dr. I. L. Sandomir: Epanorthosis on the Moral Clinamen
His Late Magnificence, Dr. I. L. Sandomir: Message to the Civilized or Uncivilized World


Vol. 4  |  No. 14  | September - October 1960

Douglas Woolf: Bank Day
Namiki Gohei III: Kanjinchō, A Kabuki Play
Samuel Beckett: From an Unabandoned Work
Siné: The Good Life
Jacques Prévert: Blood Orange
John Wain: My Nineteen-Thirties (Part Two)
Dore Ashton: Philip Guston
Philip Whalen: The Same Old Jazz
Charles Tomlinson: The Improbabilities
Yaşar Kemal: The Baby
Edward Dorn: A Fate of Unannounced Yeas
Jerry Tallmer: “Jazz on a Summer’s Day”
Lionel Abel: Brecht
Martin Williams: Charlie Parker: The Burden of Innovation
Art Buchwald: The Upbeat Beatnik
Letters to the Editor: The Great Delight and the Big Lie


Vol. 4  |  No. 15  | November - December 1960

Samuel Beckett: The End
Kenneth Koch: Bertha
Rowell Hoff: Redstone
Stig Dagerman: The Games of Night
Richard O’Connell: Med Cruise
Geneviève Serreau: A New Comic Style
Ann Morrissett: Dialogue with Arrabal
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Hidden Door
Siné: Closing the Olympics
Klaus Roehler: New Year’s Every Day
Jerry Tallmer: Down the Demerera
Martin Williams: Ornette Coleman: The Meaning of Innovation
Walter Höllerer: Letter from Germany
LeRoi Jones: Cuba Libre

Cover photo by Robert Frank


Vol. 5  |  No. 16  | January - February 1961

Paul Goodman: Why Are There No Alternatives?
William S. Burroughs: From Naked Lunch
Alfred Andersch: The Night of the Giraffe
Robert Duncan: Apprehensions
Gregory Corso: Berlin Impressions
John Williamson: Aughatane
Shelagh Delaney: Tom Riley
Herbert W. Stanford III: Erecting a Sacrilegious Cross on a Saturday on Washburn Campus
C. Wright Mills: On Latin America, the Left, and the U.S.
George Grosz: Six Drawings and Watercolor from Ecce Homo

Cover art by George Grosz


Vol. 5  |  No. 17  | March - April 1961

C. P. Snow: From The Moral Unneutrality of Science
Henry Miller: From The World of Sex
Friedrich Dürrenmatt: The Tunnel
Jonathan Williams: Three Episodes from Jammin’ the Greek Scene
Robert Pinget: The Old Tune (English text by Samuel Beckett)
William Carlos Williams: Portrait of a Woman at Her Bath
William Jay Smith: The Vision
Michael Rumaker: The Morning Glory
George Dowden: On the Death of the Pilot Francis Gary Powers
E. M. Cioran: Beyond the Novel
Thomas L. Jackrell: Three Poems
Lew Welch: The Man Who Played Himself
Martin Williams: Some Comments in Appreciation of Ellington
Jerry Tallmer: The Six Million Deaths of Ernie Levy
Letters to the Editor

Cover photo by Werner Bischof (Magnum)


Vol. 5  |  No. 18  | May - June 1961

Brendan Behan: Where We All Came into Town
Pete Brown: Thoughtful
Jean Genet: From Our Lady of the Flowers
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: One Thousand Fearful Words for Fidel Castro
Aidan Higgins: Winter Offensive
Allen Ginsberg: Lysergic Acid
Mack Sheldon Thomas: Magnolia
Edward Field: Two Poems
Alfred Chester: The Victory - A Fable
Octavio Paz: The Blue Bouquet
Martin Williams: The Craftsmanship of Horace Silver
Jerry Tallmer: Hold That Tiger
Michel Butor: Delphi
Letters to the Editor


Vol. 5  |  No. 19  | July - August 1961

John Rechy: A Quarter Ahead
Alexander Blok: The Twelve
Alexander Trocchi: From Cain’s Book, Vol. 2
Paul Blackburn: The Flies
Marcel Prousté: The Sources of the Loir at Illiers
Léon-Paul Fargue: The American Frag
Hans Magnus Enzensberger: Foam
John Schultz: Goodbye
Al Sens: After the War is Over
Alfred Andersch: The Crocodile
Gene Frumkin: Variations on the Taste of Dried Apricots
LeRoi Jones: The New Sheriff
Larry Rivers & Frank O’Hara: How to Proceed in the Arts
Robert Stromberg: A Talk With Louis-Ferdinand Céline
Martin Williams: Bix Beiderbecke and the White Man’s Burden
Paul Carroll: Death Is a Letter That Was Never Sent
Jerry Tallmer: The Magic Box
Letters to the Editor

Cover photo by Martha Swope: The Blacks by Jean Genet, recently given the “Obie Award” for best new play off-Broadway for 1960-1961.


Vol. 5  |  No. 20  | September - October 1961

Ahmed Yacoubi: The Night Before Thinking
William S. Burroughs: Comments On The Night before Thinking
Michael McClure: On Seeing Through Shelley’s Eyes The Medusa
Brendan Behan: The Big House
Pete Brown: Two Poems
Robert Creeley: The Book
Aleksander Esenin-Volpin: The Raven
Janheinz Jahn: On Their Own Feet
Vladimir Mayakovsky: Two Poems
Al Sens: The Poet’s New Audience
René Daumal: The Catechism
Vicente Huidobro: She
Octavio Paz: The Dialectic of Solitude
Martin Williams: A Purple Dog, A Flying Squirrel, and The Art of Television
Fairfield Porter: Poets and Painters in Collaboration
Letters to the Editor

Cover photo: “Frontiersman” by William Wareing


Vol. 5  |  No. 21  | November - December 1961

Uwe Johnson: Berlin, Border of the Divided World
Uwe Johnson: From: Speculations About Jacob
Hans Arp: Kaspar Is Dead
Günter Grass: The Wide Skirt
Paul Celan: A Death Fugue
Alfred Andersch: Spilt Beer
Ingeborg Bachmann: Early Noon
Marianne Kesting: Brecht’s Last Years
Walter Höllerer: Happy in the Weeds
Günter Eich: Dreams
Hans Magnus Enzensberger: A Poem for the Affluent Society
Otto Walter: The Mute
Helmut Heissenbüttel: Fragment III
Heinrich Böll: In This Country of Ours
Enno Patalas: The Film in a Divided Germany
Walter Höllerer: The Words Behind the Slogans

Cover photo from the film Rosemarie


Vol. 6  |  No. 22  | January - February 1962

Samuel Beckett: The Expelled
Pablo Neruda: Three Poems and an Essay
Mack Sheldon Thomas: Folksong
Gregory Corso: Of One Month’s Reading of English Newspapers
Paula Horn: London Portfolio
Yevgeny Yevtushenko: Babii Yar
André Pieyre de Mandiargues: The Diamond
Horace Gregory: Medusa in Gramercy Park
Al Sens: The Ladder of Success
Anselm Hollo: Lament of the 12th of July 1961
Ricardo Garibay: German Drinking Beer
Anand Lall: The Snake
William S. Burroughs: Introduction to Naked Lunch, The Soft Machine, Novia Express; Episodes from Novia Express
E. S. Seldon: The Cannibal Feast
Martin Williams: Sonny Rollins: Spontaneous Orchestration

Cover photograph by Paula Horn


Vol. 6  |  No. 23  | March - April 1962

Donovan Bess: Miller’s ‘Tropic’ on Trial
Charles Tomlinson: Rhenish Winter
Robert Chapin Coover: The Brothers
Joseph Barry: France: The Decline of an American Dream1
Gregory Corso: Standing on a Street Corner
Li Yu: The Noble Bandit
Hank Davis: Cognizant
Michael Rumaker: Eiko & Jim
Harold Norse: Now France
Martin Williams: John Lewis and the Modern Jazz Quartet

Cover Photograph of François Mauriac by Henri Cartier-Bresson (Magnum Photos)


Vol. 6  |  No. 24  | May - June 1962

Brassaï and Henry Miller: Paris La Nuit
John Rechy: It Begins in the Wind
Harold Morse: A Report to be Found in the Files of the Central Intelligence Agency in the Year 3000
Joseph Barry: France: Of Patriotism, Refuge and Scoundrels
John Malone: Except for the Heat
Philip Whalen: Historical Disquisitions
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: “Lower” California
Barbara Moraff: The Poem Has No Title
Siné: Numero Special de Siné: W.C.
John Schultz: From: Custom
James Broughton: Papa Had a Bird (A Creation Myth)
Jerry Tallmer: Applejack
Bill Berkson and Frank O’Hara: Two Hymns to St. Bridget
Martin Williams: Louis Armstrong: Style Beyond Style
Julian Beck: Report from Times Square

Cover photo by Brassaï (Rapho Guillumette Pictures)


Vol. 6  |  No. 25  | July - August 1962

William Eastlake: Something Big Is Happening to Me
Yevgeny Yevtushenko: Three Poems
Patsy Southgate: Freddy: A Play
Hoke Norris: ‘Cancer’ in Chicago
Paul Flora: Flora in Flight
William S. Burroughs: Outskirts of the City
Paul Blackburn: Poem
Joseph Barry: France: Technology, Politics, and the Average Man
Willis Barnstone: Four Greek Poems
Robert Chapin Coover: The Square-Shooter and the Saint
Michael McClure: Drug Notes
Martin Williams: Recording with Big Joe

Cover design by Irving Cowman


Vol. 6  |  No. 26  | September - October 1962

Robert Gover: From: One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding
Frederick Seidel: The Walk There
Driss Ben Hamed Charhadi: The Orphan
Lindley Williams Hubbell: Two Poems
John Rechy: Three Kinds of Angels
Edward Field: Graffiti
Edward de Grazia: The Swings
Norman Mailer: Truth and Being; Nothing and Time
Paul Flora: Travel with Flora
Mack Sheldon Thomas: Revival
Yevgeny Yevtushenko: Interview
Charles Miller: Dieppe to Newhaven 1961
Paul Carroll: Dinner Party
Joseph Barry: Letter from Paris
Anselm Hollo: Fake It New
Martin Williams: Actress Without An Act
Letters to the Editor

Cover drawing by Paul Flora


Vol. 6  |  No. 27  | November - December 1962

Anselm Hollo: Requiem For A Princess
Carroll Arnett: La Dene and the Minotaur
Frank Lima: Two Poems
Samuel Beckett: Words and Music
Shane Stevens: Way Uptown in Another World
Paul Flora: Flora in Venice
Miodrag Bulatović: The Lovers
W. S. Merwin: We Continue
Pierre Klossowski: From: Roberte Ce Soir
R. O. Blechman: Cold War
Lawrence Ferlinghetti: The Man Who Rode Away
Douglas Woolf: Quadrangle
Patrick Boyle: Go Away, Old Man, Go Away
A. G. Sens: Cartoon
Burton Watson: Some 16th Century Japanese Love Songs
Robert Coover: Dinner With the King of England
Martin Williams: Stitt in the Studio

Cover Illustration by Tomi Ungerer


Vol. 7  |  No. 28  | January - February 1963

Jakov Lind: Resurrection
Elizabeth Sutherland: Interview With Andrei Voznesensky
Andrei Voznesensky: The Three-Cornered Pear / America
Antonin Artaud: Three Letters
Antonin Artaud: Spurt of Blood / A Play
Emil J. Cadoo: Portfolio of Photographs
John Williamson: Saturday
Anselm Hollo: A Warrant Is Out For The Arrest of Henry Miller
Excerpt From Transcript: Boston Courtroom Scene
Judson Crews: Little Home Scene
Joel Oppenheimer: Un Bel Di
John Thomas: The Water Wheel
Michael Mason: In The Afternoons
Joe Goldberg: The Death of Sam Spade
Martin Williams: Mulligan and Desmond at Work
Letters to the Editor

Cover Photo by Emil J. Cadoo


Vol. 7  |  No. 29  | March - April 1963

Slawomir Mrożek: Three Polish Tales
John Logan: Tale of a Later Leander
Eugène Ionesco: A Victim of Duty
Bertolt Brecht: The Elephant Calf
José Luis Cuevas: Recollections of Childhood
Jorge Luis Borges: Houses Like Angels
Li Yu: From: Jou Pu Tuan
Gary Snyder: The Public Bath
Uwe Johnson: From: The Third Book About Achim
LeRoi Jones: Black Dada Nihilismus</i
Tibor Déry: Behind The Brick Wall
Ann Morrissett: An Account of the Events Preceding the Death of Bill Burroughs
William S. Burroughs: Two Episodes from Nova Express
Franklin M. King: From the Petrograd Journal — 1917
Martin Williams: Jottings on Pianists

Cover Photo by Diane Arbus


Vol. 7  |  No. 30  | May - June 1963

Fyodor Abramov: The New Life: A Day on a Collective Farm Translated by George Reavy
Shelagh Delaney: Pavan for a Dead Prince
Paul Roche: Spring-Song of the Petroleum Board Meeting
Driss Ben Hamed Charhadi: The Whores
Federico García Lorca: The Unfaithful Wife
Samuel Beckett: Cascando
Bob Adelman: Portfolio of Photographs
Mack Thomas: I’m Not Complaining
Stephen Kenworthy: Love Story
Thomas Dent: Early Morning Scene
Aidan Higgins: Sign and Ground
Alexander Trocchi: Four Poems
John Schultz: Border Crossing
Martin Williams: Third Stream Problems

Cover Photo by Bob Adelman


Vol. 7  |  No. 31  | July - August 1963

Richard Brautigan: Trout Fishing in America
Anselm Hollo: The Lean Rats on the March
Sabine Destré: A Note on Story of O
Pauline Réage: From Story of O: The Lovers of Roissy
W. S. Broughton: Threnody
Anrei Voznesenksy: Lovers of Lorca
Lenore Kandel: Poem
Jack Gelber: Edinburgh Happening
Harold Norse: I Heard Evtushenko
Robert Coover: The Second Son
Yadoya No Meshimori: Two Poems
W. S. Merwin: Return to the Mountains
Jack Kerouac: Written Address to the Italian Judge
Douglas Woolf: Who’s Afraid of Leonard Woolf?
Martin Williams: Rehearsal Diary

Cover: “A la Corde” by Nola


Vol. 8  |  No. 32  | April - May 1964

Paul Roche: The Catharsis of Anguish
Norman Mailer: The Killer
Wayland Young: The Excluded Words
Emil J. Cadoo: Portfolio of Photographs
David Posner: Ballad
Jean Genet: The Funambulists
Karl Shapiro: From The Bourgeois Poet
Brion Gysin: Cut-Ups: A Project for Disastrous Success
William S. Burroughs: They Just Fade Away
Eugène Ionesco: The Motor Show
Günter Grass: Five Poems
Rolf Hochhuth: The Berlin Antigone
Michael McClure: The Growl
Robert Musil: The Monkey Island
Lenore Kandel: Spring
Lou Myers: The Women of Düsseldorf
Martin Williams: Whatever Happened to the Clarinet?

Cover Photo by Emil J. Cadoo


Vol. 8  |  No. 33  | August - September 1964

Patrick Boyle: At Night All Cats Are Grey
John Fowles: I Write Therefore I Am
Robert Gover: From: Here Goes Kitten
Blaise Cendrars: The Transsiberian Express
About Evergreen Review No. 32
Emil J. Cadoo: Photograph
Jakov Lind: Hurrah For Freedom
Michael O’Donoghue: The Automation of Caprice
Richard Brautigan: Trout Fishing in America—2
Julian Beck: Sunday Sermon and Acrostic
Judith Malina: Last Performance at The Living Theatre Invective
Jan Kott: King Lear or Endgame
A. G. Sens: A Situation
Jack Kerouac: Old Angel Midnight—2
Lysander Kemp: Notes on Eskimo Literature
Alden Van Buskirk: Three Poems
Lou Myers: Drawings
Harold Pinter: Writing for the Theatre
Martin Williams: Talking With Myself

Cover Photo by Loly Rosset


Vol. 8  |  No. 34  | December 1964

Hubert Selby Jr.: The Queen Is Dead
Edward Field: Old Movies
Lou Myers: Group Therapy
Aidan Higgins: Black Blood: A South African Diary
Emil J. Cadoo: Photograph
Friedrich Dürrenmatt: 21 Points to The Physicists
Kay Cicellis: Exposure
Gary Snyder: Maya
Samuel Beckett: Play
Don Charles & Jim Mitchell: Harlem: Summer 1964
Jack Gelber: Neal vs. Jimmy the Fag
Georges Bataille: Madame Edwarda
Clement Rosset: On Chimpanzees
William S. Burroughs: Points of Distinction Between Sedative and Consciousness-Expanding Drugs
Philip Whalen: For a Picture by Mike Nathan
A. G. Sens: Cartoon
Susan Sontag: Against Interpretation
Paul Flora: Driving With Flora
Martin Williams: Miles Davis: Conception in Search of a Sound

Cover Photo by Philippe Halsman


Vol. 9  |  No. 35  | March 1965

Inexcusable Thoughts: From The Editors
Letters to the Editor
Jeremy Larner: The Addict in the Street: Hector Rodriguez
Chester Himes: Pinktoes
Lenore Kandel: Poem for Perverts
Edward Gorey: The Pious Infant
Witold Gombrowicz: On the Backstairs
Michael O’Donoghue: The Twilight Maelstrom of Cookie Lavagetto
Eikoh Hosoe: Portfolio
Roald Dahl: Poem 
Richard Elman: The Memorial
W. S. Merwin: Two PoemsA. G. Sens: Cartoon
Alfred Chester: Glory Hole
George de Vincent: Poverty, U.S.A.
Mary Collins & John W. Miner: From Lee Collins’ Story
Michael Rumaker: You
Tony Munzlinger: Cartoon
John Williamson: Matilda Waltzes But Still Keeps Her Maidenhead

Cover Photo by Masaya Nakamura


Vol. 9  |  No. 36  | June 1965

Letters to the Editor
Gisela Elsner: The Eighth
Octavio Paz: Salamander
LeRoi Jones: The Death of Horatio Alger
Eugène Ionesco: Frenzy for Two
The Boston Trial of “Naked Lunch”
Sempé: Cartoon
Boris Vian: I Don’t Want to Die
Richard Seaver: An Anniversary Unnoticed
D.A.F. De Sade: From: Justine
A. G. Sens: Cartoon
Jeffrey Potter: Lower Case ‘N’
Ron Boise and Alan Watts: Sculpture: The Kama Sutra Theme
Michael O’Donoghue: M: A Column
Nat Hentoff: Getting to the Nitty-Gritty: Sex, Race and Racism
Hans Magnus Enzensberger: Portrait of a House Detective
Martin Williams: Coleman Hawkins: Some Notes on a Phoenix
Tony Munzlinger: Cartoon
Günter Grass: Two Poems

Cover Photo by Hilde Zemann


Vol. 9  |  No. 37  | September 1965

Letters to the Editor
Heathcote Williams: MacGuinness
Edward M. Cohen: Fishman Paper Box Co., Inc.
Harold Norse: I See America Daily
Donald Phelps: Mr. Buckley
Jean-Claude Forest: Barbarella
Maurice Girodias: Lolita, Nabokov, and I
Michael O’Donoghue: Paris in the Twenties
Khushwant Singh: Black Jasmine
Henry Graham: Good Luck To You Kafka / You’ll Need It Boss
Nat Hentoff: Last Exit Before the Great Society
Danny Barker: A Memory of King Bolden

Cover art by Jean-Claude Forest


Vol. 9  |  No. 38  | November 1965

Letters to the Editors
Kenzaburō Ōe: Lavish Are the Dead
New Sounds in British Poetry: Andrew Crozier, Jim Burns, Pete Brown, Dave Duncliffe, Jeff Nuttall, Edwin Morgan, Tom Raworth, Michael Horovitz
Emil J. Cadoo & Massin: Hommage à Piaf
Nat Hentoff: Uninventing the Negro
Jean-Claude Forest: Barbarella II
James Price: A Film Is a Film: Some Notes on Jean-Luc Godard
Michael Rumaker: Gringos
Michael O’Donoghue & Frank Springer: The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist
Martin Williams: Count Basie: Style Beyond Swing
Thomas Fitzsimmons & Rikura Fukuda: Tradition and the Machine

Cover art by Jean-Claude Forest


Vol. 10  |  No. 39  | February 1966

Letters to the Editors
Jack Kerouac: Satori in Paris—1
Brian O’Doherty: Stuart Davis: A Memoir
Herbert Gold: Down the Ladder Awhile
Jean-Claude Forest: Barbarella—III
Richard M. Elman: The Kerensky Complex
Samuel Beckett: Imagination Dead Imagine
Alain Robbe-Grillet: From Realism to Reality
Michael O’Donoghue & Frank Springer: The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist—II
Nat Hentoff: We Shall Overcome—When?
Joel Oppenheimer: Poem for the One-Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans
Maurice Girodias: The Erotic Society
Robert Creeley: The Hole
Martin Williams: Lester Young: Originality Beyond Swing
Paul Roche: After Eliot: Some Notes Toward a Reassessment

Cover cartoon by Siné


Vol. 10  |  No. 40  | April 1966

Letters to the Editors
Jan Kott: The Two Paradoxes of Othello
Allen Ginsberg: Kral Majales
James Price: The Andalusian Smile: Reflections on Luis Buñuel
Henry Miller: Man in the Zoo: George Grosz’ Ecce Homo
George Grosz: Portfolio
Lars Ullerstam: Pleasure, Need and Taboo
Ursule Molinaro: Desire Game
Michael O’Donoghue & Frank Springer: The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist—III
Manfred Bieler: Wedding March
Jack Kerouac: Satori in Paris—II
Sandra Hochman: A History of the Opera
Nat Hentoff: The Daily Newspaper in 1980
Frank Driggs: Jimmy Rushing’s Story

Cover Illustration by George Grosz from Ecce Homo


Vol. 10  |  No. 41  | June 1966

Letters to the Editor
Jerry Tallmer: Lindsay in New York: Act I
Eugène Ionesco: Slime
Eric Bentley: The Science Fiction of Bertolt Brecht
Philip Wende: The Adult Animal Book
Lynn Lonidier: Shades of Paintstore Orange
Amos Vogel: Philosophy in the Surf
Benny Andersen: Tarzan. The Government. Refrigerators.
Lenore Kandel: Circus
Jack Kerouac: Satori in Paris: III
Nat Hentoff: Something’s Happening and You Don’t Know What It Is, Do You, Mr. Jones?
Michael O’Donoghue & Frank Springer: The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist—IV
Edward Field: The Giant Pacific Octopus
Martin Williams: The Jazz Avant Garde: Who’s In Charge Here?

Cover Photograph of Christine Fraser by Chaz


Vol. 10  |  No. 42  | August 1966

Letters to the Editor
Jerry Tallmer: Lindsay: Mayor at Work
William Eastlake: Jack Armstrong in Tangier
Allen Ginsberg: Fragments From a Diary
Richard Brautigan: The Menu
Michael O’Donoghue & Chaz: Spotlight on Miss Marigold Flagg
John Wieners: Two Poems
Geoffrey Haresnape: The Tomb
Curzio Malaparte: Mamma Marcia
Austryn Wainhouse: On Translate Sade
Michael O’Donoghue & Frank Springer: The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist—V
Berton Roueché: The Gun
Nat Hentoff: The New Movement
Martin Williams: Jazz: The LP Catalogue #18 Sarah Vaughan: Some Notes on a Singer Before It’s Too Late

Cover Photograph of Allen Ginsberg by Lester Waldman


Vol. 10  |  No. 43  | October 1966

Letters to the Editor
Nat Hentoff: Educators as Dropouts: New York City’s Public Schools
Aki Tanino: Bride of a Samurai
Frank O’Hara: Rhapsody
Harvey Pekar: Jazz: The LP Catalogue #19 The Achievement of Lee Konitz
Michael O’Donoghue & Frank Springer: Evergreen Drops in on a Dropout
LeRoi Jones: Going Down Slow
Ho Chi Minh: Prison Poems
Pierre Démeron: A Voyeur in the Labyrinth
Pierre Démeron: An Interview with Alain Robbe-Grillet
Alain Robbe-Grillet: From La Maison de Rendez-vous
Jan Kott: A Little Treatise on Erotics
Yukio Mishima: Rites of Love and Death
Jerry Tallmer: Lindsay vs. Lindsay
Michael O’Donoghue & Frank Springer: The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist—VI
Rasa Gustaitis: Hoving the Go Go Medievalist
Paul Blackburn: Two Poems
Michael Rumaker: To a 19-Year-Old Marine Killed Near Danang

Cover Photo by Chaz


Vol. 10  |  No. 44  | December 1966

Letters to the Editor
Donald Newlove: The GLP Arrives!
Pablo Neruda: Three Poems
Jerry Tallmer: Lenny Bruce: 1926-1966
Hortense Calisher: Fathers and Satyrs
John Clellon Holmes: The Last Cause: Gershon Legman
Salvador Dalí & Werner Bokelberg: A Beast’s Repast
Witold Gombrowicz: The Banquet
Nat Hentoff: Applying Black Power: A Speculative Essay
Michael O’Donoghue & Frank Springer: The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist—VII
Rex Stewart: Duke Ellington: One of a Kind
Brian Patten: Maud, 1966
Lou Myers: The Landlord
Philip Wende: More Adult Animals
Lester Waldman: Photographs
Paul Becker: Harlem

Cover Photograph by Lester Waldman


Vol. 11  |  No. 45  | February 1967

Notes from the Underground
Patrick Boyle: Shaybo
Saul Gottlieb: Signalling Through the Flames: The Living Theatre in Europe
Lester Waldman: Formentera
Vladimir Nabokov: Lolita & Mr. Girodias
K. S. Karol: A Hundred Flowers of the Same Kind
Michael O’Donoghue & Frank Springer: The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist—VIII
Kenzaburō Ōe: The Catch
Nat Hentoff: Waiting for Nuremberg
A. B. Spellman: Genesis of the New Music—I: Coltrane
Philip Wende: The Adventures of Tom & Dick Smith
Seymour Krim: An Open Letter to Norman Mailer
Martin Williams: Clownish TV—I: Dick Van Dyke
Poems by Lakenan Barnes, Edward Field, Anselm Hollo, Lenore Kandel, and Patsy Southgate

Cover Illustration by Tomi Ungerer


Vol. 11  |  No. 46  | April 1967

Letters to the Editor
Notes from the Underground
Parker Taylor: Dragtime and Drugtime: or, Film à la Warhol 
André Pieyre de Mandiargues: The Tide 
Calvin C. Hernton: Anatomy of the Beasts: Heroes, Perverts, and Saints
John Palcewski: Elegy, As If I Meant It
Michael O’Donoghue: Someday What You Really Are…
Guy and Elizabeth Cross: Ep Art
Irving Rosenthal: Four Selections from Sheeper
Jack Newfield: The Literature of the Movement
William S. Burroughs: “Exterminator!”
Allen Ginsberg: Chances R
Michael Rumaker: The Truck
Donald Richie: Bobo, The Priest
Martin Williams: Clownish TV—II: Red Skeleton
A. B. Spellman: Genesis of the New Music—II: Cecil Taylor
Russian Revolutionary Posters (Art)
Louis H. Rapoport: The Strike: Student Power in Berkeley
Margaret Randall: A Family
Michael O’Donoghue & Frank Springer: The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist—IX

Cover Illustration: “May Day—Long Live The Workers’ Holiday of All Lands.” Soviet poster by S. Ivanov, 1920


Vol. 11  |  No. 47  | June 1967

Letters to the Editor
Notes from the Underground
Frank Reynolds as told to Michael McClure: Freewheelin’ Frank
B. H. Friedman: Did you know Gorky? Kline? Pollock?
Paul Theroux: Leper Colony
Leszek Kolakowsi, Staughton Lynd, Thomas Hayden, Jack Newfield, David McReynolds: 
What is the Left Today?
Michael O’Donoghue & Frank Springer: The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist—X
Jay Wright: The End of an Ethnic Dream
Eric Salzman: The Prevalence of Rock
Samuel Beckett: The Calmative
Amos Vogel: Thirteen Confusions
J. Anthony Stowers: Dakar
Tomi Ungerer: Ungerer’s Girls
Joel Oppenheimer: The Three and a Half Minute Mile
Robert Coover: The Mex Would Arrive at Gentry’s Junction at 12:10
Michael O’Donoghue: Capriccio to Djuna
Michael Mason: The Man in the Fake Chanel Suit
Martin Williams: TV: Tell Me a Story
Evergreen Unclassified
A. B. Spellman: Genesis of the New Music—III: Ornette Coleman

Cover Illustration by Frank Springer


Vol. 11  |  No. 48  | August 1967

Letters to the Editor
Notes from the Underground
James Purdy:  Scrap of Paper
Lenore Kandel: In the Comics
Gregory Corso: When I Was Five I Saw A Dying Indian
Seymour Krim: The Newspaper as Literature—Literature as Leadership
Michael O’Donoghue & Chaz: Gridiron Maidens
Paul Blackburn: Listening to Sonny Rollins at the Five Spot
Floyd Salas: The King’s X
Nat Hentoff: Them and Us: Are Peace Protests Self-Therapy?
Gene Fowler: San Francisco Poem
Hubert Selby Jr.: Fat Phil’s Day
Gregory J. Markopoulos, Parker Tyler, Daniel Talbot, Richard Schickel, Annette Michelson: The New American Cinema
Paul Neuberg & Dan Young: Love is a Spy’s Best Friend
Jan Kott: A Little Treatise on Dying
Frank Reynolds as told to Michael McClure: Freewheelin’ Frank
Leo Skir: Elise Cowen: A Brief Memoir of the Fifties
Victor Hernández Cruz: Papo Got His Gun!


Vol. 11  |  No. 49  | October 1967

Letters to the Editor
Notes from the Underground
Terry Southern: The Blood of a Wig
Fred Rayfield: How the War Ended in Vietnam
George Dowden: Filthy Pictures Seized in London
Michael O’Donoghue & Frank Springer: The Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist—XII
Ralph J. Gleason: The Power of Non-Politics or the Death of the Square
Allen Ginsberg: Beginning of a Poem of “These States”
Nat Hentoff: The New Politics: Is There Life Before Death?
Paul E. Myers: ANaTHEMa
Louis E. Rapoport, Helen Brown & Jane Seitz: Flower Power: An Interview with a Hippie
Boris Vian: The Voyage to Khonostrov
Manfreud Meed: The Relationship of Religious Ritual to Orgasm Frequency Among the Tribal Women of Fungoolistan: A Humping and Gathering Society
Michael McClure: The Beard
James Brunot: The M. Team

Cover Illustration by Peter Max


Vol. 11  |  No. 50  | December 1967

Letters to the Editor
Notes from the Underground
Abdullah Schleifer: The Fall of Jerusalem
Tennessee Williams: Young Men Waking at Daybreak
John Rechy: By the Motel Pool
Heathcote Williams: The Local Stigmatic 
William Eastlake: The Last Frenchman in Fez
LeRoi Jones: Three Poems 
LeRoi Jones & Scott Gottlieb: You Think You’re an Airplane and You’re Really a Bird
Malcolm X: God’s Judgement of White America
Jack Newfield: Chicago, Honkies, and Camus
Nat Hentoff: Kafka Jones, the Singing Fool
Karl Shapiro: Aubade
Jerry Shatzberg: Photographs
Lyman Andrews: The Death of Mayakovsky
E. F. Cherrytree: Hello Out There
Charles Bukowski: Men’s Crapper

Cover Illustration by Tomi Ungerer