A Complex, Yet Prayerful Petition


Andrew McCarron

Originally published in The Evergreen Review Issue 115 in 2008.
It should’ve happened long ago

But it didn’t. At some point a Metro-North was missed,

And so we said, “We’d leave the following

Morning.” But we wasted the morning feeling off.

There was no time left for touchstones:

The getting up and stepping into love.

There was a hardwood floor and a table

(mahogany), long squares of sun passing

Through, though the intersection of the light,

The floor and the table took us only

Almost onto the threshold of feeling

That the other would be the one who’d come

And say, “The landscape’s awaiting us

Our arrival into the Moonie meadow increasing

Incrementally through the days, and yes

Yes, I’ll watch you as you age beneath the branch.”