‘Caned and Disabled


Russell Bittner

Originally published in The Evergreen Review Issue 117 in February, 2009.

You wanna fuck with me? Come fuck with me.
It makes so little difference.
You wanna keep on fucking me?
I’ll soon define the difference.

You think I like the shit you do?
Get real, dude; note the difference:
that thing you do is what I do
much better, with indifference.

You wanna call me ‘mother’ now?
There’s just one little difference:
your mother cares – which I do not.
You cool with that small difference?

You wanna call me ‘system’ then?
First learn to tell the difference:
you fuck with me; I’ll fuck with you.
Do you now feel the difference?

The rich ride out; the poor duck down;
to me, it makes no difference.
It’s how I clean the gene pool up
that stratifies the difference.

If some return, and some do not,
should I regret the difference?
With brand-new beachfront property,
does FEMA fret the difference?

I’m slow to anger, loath to kill,
but species make no difference.
I’m motherfucking nature, stooge.
Do you now get the difference?

And while you’re at it, get a clue,
should ends still make a difference:
in your omega – my extinct –
your ‘fucking’ makes no difference.