Deluge Over Winesburg and Other Poems


Lily Wood

Art by Feiyi Wen


Deluge Over Winesburg

Before the rain,
the air takes on
tinges of hesitancy.

Fissures that once were silent
make themselves known,

in booming concerto.
Lakes evolve into mirrors,

rotund droplets
shift into reflections
of fibrous tree branches.

And hang off
the eye of the
wiry sheep,
who loam
in one ebbing herd.


At 7 We Played Bridge

The bugs obviously know more than I,
they are small
yet unnoticed.

Each has a proper procedure
for survival,
hiding in the half-shell
of the buzzing lamp.

The ones crouching
on the sill
are more academic
and somber
than their brethren.

Who are inconsiderate
towards these starched linens.

Only devotees
of their

who reaches
out with
snaking tendrils
dissolving every crevice.

the jack of spades
who stares
and unamused

at the cobwebbed
undercarriage of the table.  


Interruption of Intent

the table with no one around it.
Does it warp and mottle
when no hand comes
to touch it?
To rest platter or knife
upon its dim oakiness?

The radio blares from its alcove,
Diana fiddles with the dial.
Introductions are in order
Wave and noise touch
Watch, as rhythm blooms unnoticed.

Is this where the afterword begins?


Fall / Winter 2023

Lily Wood

A poet from Boston, Massachusetts, Lily Wood is currently a student at Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at The New School studying poetry. Her work has previously appeared in 11 and ½ Literary Journal. She fluctuates between Boston and New York City.

Feiyi Wen

Feiyi Wen (b. 1990) is a visual artist and researcher who lives and works in London. Her practice includes photography, moving image, printmaking, artist’s books, sound, and poetry. She holds an MA in photography from the Royal College of Art and received her practice-led PhD in fine art from the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. Feiyi has exhibited and worked with cultural organizations such as Tate Britain, Magnum Photos, Photo Shanghai, Photo London, Photo Oxford, and Brighton Photo Fringe, among others. Her recent publications are held at the Tate Library and the British Library.

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