Doomed Woman


Susan L. Yung

Originally published in The Evergreen Review Issue 114 in 2007.

The one who's leg is broken
by falling off some

She dresses her doll in gray
& ribbons bounded
into beau ties

And her English becomes more
hidden with meanings
So that her intelligience is judged by the man she sleeps with

A kind and gentle man with manly traits.
I suppose with a somewhat cute

So, she returns to her old habitual way
TV, radio, computer & keyboard.
It becomes her soul lover
a transmortification
Always interpreting the audience's
Being impartial of their
total participation.

I do the best I can and the:
mis communications and
mis interpretations
Has nothing to do with what I did
has long as the philosophy
has not caused any departures from death

My blue jeans are in tatters and
I want to get to the next foreign
stay there for a while
and just look over the

I just want to wander the world
like my Dad did
and be a merchant mariner.
Seaward Ho!

All the daughters of family associations
are vying for power.
and all it is
is another
stupid game
turn on the computer
and indulge some free moments;

Before the house gets cleaned,