Fashionably Fascist


Jim Reed

Originally published in The Evergreen Review Issue 121 in December, 2009.

It’s a sunny winter day and briskly you step onto the sidewalk,
when a pamphlet is thrust in your face.
It’s a trashy little Jesus freak with dirty fingernails.
You turn on your heels and with a quick kick you level the bastard; then karate chop down hard 
across the back of the neck. That’s it! 
Now hold it just right for the cameras.
Your Ralph Lauren cufflinks fall to the pavement
but you still look fashionably fascist.

You’ll look fashionably fascist in these new lightweight 
care free S&M boots, made with just the right touch of military styling, out of respect for our war effort.
Notice those sleek looking hobnails. Go on try them out.

It’s summer and you look fashionably fascist.
As the breeze cuts across your erect nipples, the proles foam at the mouth. Some of them fry on the laser fence.
“Have a Perrier water my dear?” calls the traveling salesman,
with no obvious respect for your station in life.
It’s such a pretty little gun, fits your hand just right.
Your mind flashes back to a line from your favorite movie.
“Here suck on this!” Five...four...three,
Taxi Driver.

A perfectly manicured finger squeezes a hair trigger. Three quick shots and three dark slits appear in a double knit suit.
The waiter brings your Perrier; you drink it in a hurry 
and leave alone. High cheek bones. Snappy walk.
Yes, you are fashionably fascist.

It’s the new look, it’s now and it’s Fashionably Fascist,
at the Hip company.