Good Boy



Originally published in The Evergreen Review Issue 117 in February, 2009.

- Have you ever kissed a girl?
- No.
She put a finger to her lips.
- You must never tell a soul.
She stopped the car at a dark overlook,
turned out the lights.
Her swede blonde hair was all
I could see dimly at first.
The full moon cool.
- I want to teach you.
She was already my teacher.
- I want to teach you.
She took my hand and put it in her shirt.
Her breast was warm and swelling.
I was something like I don't know afraid.
No, I didn't know.
She leaned her head back and hummed.
She filled my hand, big.
She reached over between my legs and squeezed.
- Oooh. You're hard!
I was just a kid. I was always hard.
She undid me and pulled me out,
put her lipstick round the tip,
slid the whole thing in her throat.
I couldn't hold back. I jacked.
She was laughing as she swallowed,
sat back, one hand on the wheel and wiped her lips with a hanky.
Laughing, laughing.
Oh, it wasn't fear. I didn't know what it was.
She freshened up, reapplied her lipstick, smacked,
turned to me, I could barely see a red smile.
She reached, felt her way to my balls
and squeezed them gently.
Pressured, stroked, I was hard again.
- Good boy!

She wiggled out her panties.
She carefully worked out from behind the steering,
threw a knee over me and straddled,
hitching up her skirt.
She took my cock in both.
- Good boy!
She inserted me into her. She took off her top.
She did all the effort.
She had the most wonderful tits.
I was buried in her flesh.
She worked me over.
She took her time.
She crushed me into the seat.
She sang the moaning song.
She shrieked. She nailed me.
- Good boy!
Later that night she dropped me off at my sleeping parents.
She once again raised her index.
She called to me as I stepped out:
- Have you ever kissed a girl?
- No.