In Search of the Radical Time Past


Valery Oisteanu

Originally published in The Evergreen Review Issue 125 in December, 2010.

I do vividly remember, Tuli

Selling books and cartoons on Spring str.

Tuli getting naked on rooftops

Reading with Tuli, my Soho-boho guru

Tuli, turning poems into revolution songs

Sarcastic-anarchic, pacifist poet on the spot

Full time beatnik, stand-up hobo-bohemian,

Tuli knew how to kiss the radical mind

How to fuck with the rebellious mind

“Teach Yourself Fucking” his latest book

Tuli turned absurd clichés into lotuses

He taught his Russian slippers rhythmical dance

We all crashed with him, that gravitational twirl

Jumping secretly off the Manhattan Bridge

Tuli scribbling and drawing anarchy cartoons

While Fugs were spreading the virus of freedom

For more than half of the century

Tuli singing, Tuli vocalizing, Tuli chanting

Tuli asking questions on cable TV

Tuli writing 53 poetry books

“The world oldest rock star” has gone

Tuli omnipresent in my memory

Tuli has kissed the hippy sky.