Letter to Barney


Jan Jonson


Dearest Barney,
I remember the sense of your presence when you sat in the audience, in front of my actors, at San Quentin State Prison, California. You took
to your heart the way they expressed themselves through Sam Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot.”

After the performance you met the actors. By sharing your extensive knowledge about Sam’s work you confirmed their identity and bolstered their
self-confidence. A meeting that many years later still makes a deep impression on their lives.

Today, I bear in my heart the memory of our many meetings and discussions. Mostly they dealt with what happened with Sam´s play when I gave it to people living in the darkness.

You enriched my own life.

I shall never forget when you gave me a luxury copy of Sam´s “Stirring Still,” which I proudly carried under my arm in the middle of the night,
passing through Grand Central Station on my way back to my bed at the Mayflower Hotel.

Thanks for all these memories. Wherever you are Barney, stay real Brother!