Nobody Knows


Lee Stern

Originally published in The Evergreen Review Issue 119 in August, 2009.

At this point nobody knows if the war will ever be over.
We think it will be over but we just don’t know.
We tried walking down that path over there
to get a better feel of things
but it turned out there were too many stones.
Also there were too many trees that were uprooted
and we didn’t like the idea of having to spend
the day walking in front of them on our way to the shed.
If the war ever does end, though,
I’ll probably tell you about it in one of my notes.
You’ll know that it’s one of my notes
because on every other one of the lines I will have used the word unenforceable.
And on every other one of the other lines, notwithstanding the crescendo,
in spite of your methods, however, I will have used the word for plumb.