Private Significance


Alistair Quietsch

Originally published in The Evergreen Review Issue 118 in June, 2009.

Private significance/pirate/parrot significance to the point that every word that’s yours is inherent in mine and mine and mine
He said “you can’t do that anymore” while sucking hai-choo’s from a rice bowl blue, eating all of Lacan’s ashes.
Chewing to paste, paper chew.
With this white snow drift (if you choose white snow drift) and or wooden door/plaster panel anyone can destroy the eye/I/aye-nah of a writer,
a scribbler,
a sculptor.
Prostitutes say “you can do as you please” as you go in to cum and scoff and crown
/can do as you please with your blank snow adrift

walls thick as black bold Times New
paste, paper, plastic chew

Something in our personalities perhaps? Some animal urge to fight and struggle making us what we are?
we do what we have to do.
But there is no shelter
and the future is bearing down like an express train
we do what we have to do.

these are the pictures I hang in my room
while everyone looks so serious

heard joke once:
man goes to doctor
says life seems harsh and cruel
feels all alone in a threatening world
ahead vague and uncertain
threatening and cruel,
doctor says treatment is simple
go see Pagliacci, great clown
man births tears
says but doc
sad that I am Pagliacci.