Red Review


Stan Adler

Originally published in The Evergreen Review Issue 117 in February, 2009.

I knew three kids who stole their lives
and got away with it
didn’t give em back
just kept moving
never touching ground
moving through street numbers
and front doors like they didn’t exist
up and down suburban hills
everything beige
with white trim and brass porch lights
moving past curbs
into fields
gaining altitude
knowing they were chased
like thieves and worse
knowing they had the rights
to something they lived,
knowing no one
would catch them, smiling &
pissing into the patio fountain
of Riverside Memorial Auditorium
admiring turquoise Spanish tiles
and trading pages
of Evergreen Review No. 11
and revelations
of Antonin Artaud from Rodez
Terry Southern
Bill Jack Allen
and others
who they would be
while on the lam
beyond time of day
watching El Cordobés
on a bleeding bull
red wine and sweat
dripping down
their chests