The Republic of Windows and Doors


Richard Cummings

Originally published in The Evergreen Review Issue 117 in February, 2009.

At what point do they say enough
At what point do they rise up
And demand what is theirs?

The Republic’s windows are open
Even as the doors shut out
The ones who build it.

This is now a Republic
Of windows and doors,
Where they cancel pensions,
When the bank that got the money
From the Fed pulled the plug
On Windows and Doors
And the dismissed builders
Of those same windows and doors
Decided to sit in.

A total stranger brings them
Chicken, beans and rice,
While a Latino worker says
“I have enough to live for a month-
We are making history.”

They whisper that the government
Has called a full mobilization.
Are they expecting an invasion,
Or an uprising against
Their own rotting hypocrisy
That reeks of an odor
Of terminal decay?