The trial of [redacted]



Originally published in The Evergreen Review Issue 119 in August, 2009.

an adolescent fantasia

Three smart raps with a fat red, white and blue dildo and court is in session. The judge does not relax her grip: rulings may arise on short notice.

The prosecutor cracks his knuckles, a dreamy look in progress on his mug—he’s in love with his job, and has a cache of pills to prove it up, so as not to be caught half-mast should that sardonic sloe-eyed bailiff call a side bar over recess.

The defense lawyer sports a bow tie and a cowlick. His client is elsewhere (if it’s good enough for Michael Jackson and Courtney Love, it’s good enough for ). The court’s reach and grasp are out of synch; growing pains.

When was found guilty, also in absentia, over strenuous objections his expensive new best friend was appointed as his proxy, “for any and all purposes,” whereupon proceedings went to chambers. He made egress in a body bag, still technically alive—so Mr. Bow Tie is not exactly yawning, or looking at his watch.