The Wizzards


Don Shields

Originally published in The Evergreen Review Issue 121 in December, 2009.

They were the Wizzards’,
Seen by some
As brothers
And sisters,
The Wizzards’.

As feral cats,
They had spats.

But always made up, fast-
Stat. Like a cat.

(True about cats,
who often
do.) Wouldn’t you?

The Wizzards’
(bless her heart),
lived rarely apart.

‘cept for one time
when he stopped on
a dime.

This girl ankled by
And she caught
His eye.

It was

Love at first glance
So he asked,
“like to dance?”

“Yes I would,
and they could. So they did.

Just like that.

With this girl
They gave it a 
Whirl. Cheek to Cheek.

Neat, Sweet
she stepped
on his feet.

Maybe more
His big toe,

Tootsies, her,
Including his/and her


And so home to
His sweet sister
Went mister

About that girl,
He never said
A word

No tonic, she
He told himself,
And me,

“I’m explicably