Tribute to Barney Rosset


Mia Yun


My Dearest Barney,

Nearly two months have passed since you left us, and I still wonder where you have gone. Walking Suki in the afternoon through the park, I often ask her where you are as though she knows. “Where is Barney, Suki? Let’s go see him.” Suki then hops along as though she understands. Sometimes, I have a tear or two in my eyes as I look at the sky and the trees in the wind and the sun. How incomprehensible that you are no more. How sad that I can’t ever again go to see you and talk to you and laugh with you.

I admired you because, aside from all the great things you achieved, you were a true egalitarian who hated racism and abhorred bigotry. And because you loved life and friends. And yes, I remember, you also loved puns, stories, trees and dogs. There was and will be no one quite like you. All the more reason I miss you so very deeply. It was a great joy and honor to have known you. Good-bye.