When Can I See It?


Choko Ichihara


Tribute to Barney Rosset

As I was leaving, Barney, you shook my hands so hard my fingers hurt
With a big smile, you said, “I like what I see,” about our work in progress
“Let’s print this, we can sell it,” you said
“OK, let’s do it,”
And I meant it

You said you’d be better after the procedure
If it goes well, you won’t feel so dizzy, won’t be so bony to my hug
All the best to you, Barney
See you in a few days

But, Barney, you didn’t come back
I know you meant to, for you always kept your word
You’d have said something if you were leaving

“When can I see it?”
I expected this on your return
My undefeated hero, you had endless plans ahead

I can no longer see you, Barney
But your ambitions are with me

The only thing missing is your direction
Those simple uncompromising words
That changed everything
That meant so much to me…

(Choko was Barney’s web designer.  Together they completed #129 on Feb 19, 2012)